Lord, I will trust in You.
  • Anonymous said: I asked for forgiveness by just praying. Does that mean that I'm already forgiven by God? If not, how will I know if I'm forgiven?

    God forgave you 2,000 years ago at the cross, He’s just waiting for you to realize it.

  • albatrossconundrum said: Have you ever felt like God is done with you? That He doesn't want you anymore and has given up? I feel that way.

    If He was done with you, you’d be in His presence. He has got something big planned for you and the enemy does not want you to realize it. God wants all His children, that’s why He died in our place. Have a good laugh at that lie, and let God speak His purposes over you.


  • Anonymous said: hi! Just wondering how you would recommend responding to someone who hears stories like Noah and the Flood and gathers from that that God is mean...?

    It’ll depend on the person a bit, but I’d ask questions. Why does that story make you think God is mean? Does one occasion define someone? Doesn’t it say something that God chose to give Noah a chance? Doesn’t it say something else that He allowed Noah to save His family too even though it says Noah was the only righteous man in his generation? What about other stories that really highlight His goodness? The rescue of Israel from Egypt, the raising of the widow’s son, all the healings, making the sun go back so Hezekiah would believe he was about to be healed, etc. What about your life, what has God done for you?

    Food for thought with Noah; God’s Spirit had been striving with the people (Gen. 6:3). Hebrews tells us that is was faith that made Noah righteous. It wasn’t that Noah was righteous of his own and that’s why God made him the offer, He accepted God’s offer and that gave him righteousness. God was striving with the people, meaning he was going after them too. 2 Peter also calls Noah a preacher, and Jude says Enoch gave prophetic warning. God wanted to give them the same chance as Noah, but they rejected Him.



  • Christians, how we treat each other is ministry to the rest of the world. Read John 15 and imagine our Jesus in the upper room with only hours left with His closest friends and everything he mentions is about loving each other. You can almost hear his heart saying friends I NEED you to get this. I am DYING for you to get this.

    Oh my God guys, our Jesus leaves the wash bucket in the corner for everyone to see and no one got it. Why? Because every one of the disciples would have eagerly washed Jesus’ feet. But none of them were interested in washing each other’s feet. And that was the problem.

    My beloveds, nothing has changed. We are still willing to wash Jesus’ feet but not each others. We don’t even realize that according to Matthew 5:24 our devotion means nothing when we are at odds with our family.

    So when the rest of the world watches us as we yell rudely at each other over the internet, put each other down over technicalities, and choose being right over being in relationship they get pushed further away from our Jesus. And why not? Why would they want to join our community just so they can be berated and mistreated?

    Its not enough to just be willing to do anything for Jesus. We have to be willing to do anything for each other. That is the city set on a hill; people that are passionately in love with each other. People eager to generously meet each other’s needs, and people that will put their pride aside for the sake of love; for the glorification of our Papa. That is the community that people are dying to be a part of, and THAT is the community that accurately reflects the culture of Heaven and the Kingdom of our King.

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  • Behavior is symptomatic. So in the same way that a sneeze isn’t the issue, neither is drinking, or lying, or any other negative behavior. The behavior itself isn’t the problem but it reveals a deeper rooted mindset that is in rebellion against Christ. Jesus didn’t come for behavior modification but for transformation. He doesn’t want to just stop you from sneezing and call you well. He wants to address the root of unsurrender that causes the symptom of destructive behavior.

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  • "I refuse to give God anything that cost me nothing."

    King David (sacrifice is love on purpose)

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